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"A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch." - James Beard


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peach Raspberry Crisp

Are you ready for a shocking confession?  I've never made a pie.  

Well, to be more accurate, I've never made a pie crust.  I've made a key lime pie with graham cracker crust, but that barely counts as pie.   I've never made pie crust from scratch or baked a real pie. 

I enjoy baking, but I'm somewhat intimidated by pie crust.  And, to be honest, it's not one of my favourite things to eat, so why bother?  Especially when you can make a fruit crumble or crisp that's just as good and a million times easier. 

This "recipe" is very forgiving.  Just fill your baking vessel with fruit (overripe or bruised fruit works too) sprinkle with a little sugar (and maybe some spice), then top with equal parts brown sugar, flour and oats and half that amount of butter.  You can use whatever fresh fruit is in season.  In the fall we like apples with cinnamon, but here, peaches and raspberries needed to be used up so we chopped them up.  

I used about 6 peaches.  I didn't bother peeling them.  I threw in about 1/2 a cup of raspberries and a teaspoon of sugar.  Then I poured it into a small baking dish. 

I mixed together 1/2 a cup each of flour, brown sugar and rolled oats and added a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Then grated in 1/4 cup cold butter...

... and mixed it all together into a crumbly topping and sprinkled it over the fruit.

I baked it for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees until it was browned and bubbly.

Then served it up, still warm for dessert.  

This is fantastic with ice cream but I didn't have any on hand so I whipped some cream and added a little maple syrup and vanilla extract.  Perfecto!  

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