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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chicken with Mango Salsa 1

In the summer, and even in the winter a lot of the time, our default meal is grilled meat with starch and veggies.  It is so simple, minimizes dishes to wash, and is relatively healthy and satisfying.  My husband has perfected grilling chicken (and most other meats I present him with), so I never have to worry about dried out chicken on the grill. Ours is always juicy and delicious. 

Normally, just grilled chicken with barbecue sauce or a spice rub is good enough, but for something a little more special, a nice mango salsa will spice up your chicken and make it a meal suitable for guests that's still easy as pie.

I have two different versions of mango salsa, so I'll start with one and share the other later in the week.  

This mango salsa starts with mangoes, hot peppers, red onion and lime.

I love  Ataulfo mangoes.  They always seem ripe and juicy, and I like the texture more than standard mangoes.  But I had one of each this time so that's what I used. The mangoes were a little over ripe but still worked great in this salsa.  

Dice the red onion.

Then dice the hot peppers. 

I used a Thai chili and a Hungarian yellow pepper. You can also use jalapeno or any hot pepper you like.
Slice the mangoes on either side of the pit.

The Ataulfo mango is buttery orange and smooth while the standard mango is yellow and a bit stringy. Then score the flesh into cubes. Don't cut all the way through the skin.  

Work the knife between the flesh and skin to slice these little cubes from the mango skin.  

If you're meticulous, chop the mango cubes to a uniform size, or just leave them in assorted sizes if you're lazy like me. 

Mix the ingredients together and squeeze fresh lime juice over all.

Serve over grilled chicken with some steamed broccoli and rice.  The fresh, spicy salsa adds a lot of flavour to a simple meal. 

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