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"A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch." - James Beard


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turkey Stock

Roasting a turkey results in many delicious leftovers, but none so delicious as the deep, brown turkey stock that results from cooking down the turkey bones with aromatics.

When I was a kid we used to call this "bone soup". Turkey stock is much more flavourful than chicken stock I find. The soup it makes is delicious.  

I use my slow cooker to make stock. This lets me slowly simmer the ingredients for days rather than hours. The house smells incredible during this time.

Add your cooked turkey carcass to the crock pot. I usually leave the meat on the wings for this but the rest is just bones.  

Add some onions and carrots (no need to peel them), and some celery. I also used parsley stems and some thyme and a bay leaf.

Fill the crock pot with cold water and plug it in. Then let it simmer on low for at least 24 hours. Here it is at that point.

I like to leave it for 36 hours. When it will look like this:

Now it is a little messy to drain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer.

Press the liquid out of the bones and vegetables then dispose of them. They've done their job.

This is nice and dark and delicious but full of fat. Put it in the fridge overnight and the fat will rise to the top and harden to be easily scraped off.

Use this stock to make soup, gravy, or in place of chicken stock when you want lots of flavour. 

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