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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Perfect Margarita

I love margaritas.  I love tequila and I'm trying - on a budget - to become enough of a connoisseur to distinguish between the different kinds.  

A really good margarita is a treat for me.  So this holiday season, I decided to do a little research and put some nice tequila and my new blender to use and make a delicious margarita on the rocks.

I started by cutting up some citrus fruit.  I thought I'd use the clementines but didn't end up using them.  I juiced them anyway because I loved the colour.

Even with my brutal photography, how could you resist?  I think these citrus shots are the worst yet!

Here's a blood and guts shot of the juice and rinds. 2 limes gave me about 2/3 cup of juice.

I got this pretty new blender for Christmas after 20 years (!) with a crappy old one. This one had way more ice-crushing power than I expected.  I ended up with sno-cone level ice after just a few pulses, so I had to start over and make cracked/crushed ice for the shaker and the rocks.

These are my booze ingredients.  The clerk at a USA liquor store recommended this tequila.  It is cheaper than Patron and I like it quite a bit. I got anejo because it's for sipping, not just for mixing. A clear tequila would make the drink prettier, but I loved the flavour here.

I read in my research that some people prefer triple sec over Cointreau because it is less complex and lets the tequila flavour shine through. Good thing that's what I had! There was more triple sec in the recipe than I expected, but I liked the balance.  

Here's what you put in the shaker for 2 drinks:

  • Cracked ice
  • 3oz el Mayor Anejo tequila
  • 2 oz triple sec
  • 2/3 cup fresh lime juice

Shake with ice and serve over crushed ice. Salt rim if desired.  I like the salt but my husband does not.

This is a very boozy drink, so one was enough for us but it is so delicious you may want another round.

Yum! I found my perfect cocktail!

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