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"A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch." - James Beard


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blueberry Waffles

For Christmas our good friends gave us a fancy waffle iron.  

It is probably more waffle iron than we need, but it is a very nice one.  

I mixed up some waffle batter from a boxed mix (PC Blue Menu Whole Grain pancake and waffle mix). 

 I had to add 2 eggs, 1 1/3 cup of milk and 2 tbsp oil to the mix.  I also added about 1/2 a cup of frozen wild blueberries.

I mixed it with a fork and used the measure that came with the waffle iron to pour the batter into the preheated machine.  

Then closed the lid and waited until the waffle iron binged.  I set the dial to 4 as instructed.  

The first waffle did not turn out.  It stuck to the top and bottom and the uncooked insides were a real pain to scrape out of the waffle iron.  I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't.

For the second waffle, I used more non-stick spray and it turned out fine.  It was still a little less crispy than we'd like so for the next one I turned the dial to 5 and left it for a few seconds after the bing.  It was nice and crispy.

Served with grade B maple syrup and some applewood-smoked bacon I cooked in the oven, which was also a touch underdone but tasted delicious.

Food lessons learned:
  • One batch of mix makes 4 waffles unless you mess the first one up
  • Be sure to use enough cooking spray in the waffle iron
  • Crank up the heat setting for more well done waffles
  • Plain/buttermilk waffle mix tastes better than whole grain

Photography lessons learned:
  • Take pictures of mistakes too!
  • Try not to get my shadow in the shot (but how?)
  • Make these pictures smaller. They are huge and take ages to upload

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